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Agricultural enterprises of NKR will make changes to collective agreements

Date of publication 22.07.2019

Agricultural enterprises of NKR will make changes to collective agreements

That was announced at a meeting of the regional akimat. Summing up the socio-economic development for 6 months of the current year, the akim of the region Kumar Aksakalov focused on the issue of increasing the income of the population.

During the meeting, it became known about the salary increase by 10 to 15% to the workers of the region’s factories. From August 1, the real increase will be felt in the Plant named after Kirov. According to Kumar Aksakalov, wage increases will also affect workers in the agro-industrial complex.

«I gave instructions before the start of the harvesting campaign to make changes to collective agreements for increasing wages. This should include all agricultural producers, where workers’ wages are still low. Agriculture in the region is developing, government support is huge, investments are coming. We must see a return in increasing the income of the population. I charge to carry out this work until August 10», — Kumar Aksakalov emphasized.

The percentage of non-cash payments is still low. In this regard, the head of the region Kumar Aksakalov once again focuses on the importance of the transition to cashless payments.

«390 CAOs and garbage disposal enterprises are still not included in the system of a single payment center. A huge mass of cash is in circulation. This creates all the prerequisites for the shadow economy. We have specially created a single payment document. All utilities should be included there», — the akim of the region said.

Discussing the issue of development of youth policy, the akim of the region Kumar Aksakalov set the task to reduce the level of youth unemployment, as well as to intensify work on recruiting students for the agrotechnical faculty of the NKSU named after M. Kozybayev.

Agricultural enterprises of NKR will make changes to collective agreements

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