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The akim of North Kazakhstan region about the flood: “We did not allow the water to enter any house!”

Date of publication 13.05.2019

In NKR, they summed up the last flood. That year, the flood situation was as tense as those of the previous years. North Kazakhstanis experienced two waves of large water. 90 settlements were under threat of flooding. Currently, the water level at the culvert of the region has declined. Although, in 18 settlements, the water still reached a critical level, but, nevertheless, not a single residential house was flooded. According to the akim of the region, Kumar Aksakalov, timely flood control measures helped to cope with high water.

“In general, the flood situation has been quite difficult this year. Now, we can confidently say that everything has stabilized. The water level began to fall. Although the situation was very tense and difficult. This year, the moisture reserve in the soil exceeded the perennial data by 6 times, 800 thousand cubic meters of snow were removed from Petropavlovsk. We spent blackening along the streets to pass water, a total of 530 km. We were ready for big water. But, timely taken anti-flood measures did not allow much trouble to happen. The whole range of work carried out gave a corresponding result,” — the akim of the region Kumar Aksakalov said.

That year, 1,200 units of equipment and 1,400 people were sent to combat floods in the region, 20 new culverts were built. Those and other measures allowed to cope with large water. Nowadays, on the roads of the region, where a small overflow of water has happened, voluntary rescue teams continue to be kept on duty. According to Kumar Aksakalov, the most difficult situation was in Ualikhanov district. There, Karatal and Kulykol villages were under threat.

“Water came from the river Seleta. About 70 million cubic meters of water have accumulated. There is a small dam. In an instant, it might give in under a large load, and some of the villages would be under a 2 meter wave. But, thanks to well-coordinated measures, we saved these villages from a devastating blow,” — the head of the region said.

According to the head of the region, another 27 culverts will be built this year, which will help alleviate the flood situation next year.

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Akim of the North-Kazakhstan region Aksakalov Kumar Irgibaevich

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